Dental Bridges

"To fill in gaps from missing teeth"

A possible alternative to Dentures or Implants

A Dental Bridge replaces a missing tooth or teeth by using the teeth either side of the gap as anchors. It is fitted into place, meaning it doesn’t need to be taken out at night, and should not be confused with Dentures.

Bridges can, in certain cases, be a really good alternative to Dental Implants or Dentures. For example, if the teeth either side of the gap are badly broken down or weakened by decay or large fillings, a Bridge not only fills the gap, but also treats the teeth either side in the process.

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Protecting and conserving the natural teeth

However, Bridges are not the first choice if the teeth either side of the gap are completely healthy, as is usually the case after trauma. As Dentists, our first priority is to protect and conserve teeth, so we are always reluctant to remove enamel from healthy teeth, simply to fit a Bridge.

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