Implant-Retained Dentures

"The long-term solution to loose-fitting Dentures"

An option you perhaps didn’t know existed

If your Dentures tend to move or work loose while you’re eating or talking, then Implant-Retained Dentures may be just what you’ve been looking for. Dental Implants give the Dentures something fixed to hold on to, acting like the missing tooth root.

More and more Patients are having their Denture, especially the lower one, secured in this way for complete peace of mind.

No need for denture fixative ever again!

Implants – which are tiny titanium screws – are placed in the upper or lower jaw to give the Denture something fixed to hold on to, anchoring it down. The Denture can then be attached to the Implants, holding it in place, generally 2 for the lower jaw or 4 for the upper jaw. Implants fuse with the bone and are permanently fixed, so you don’t have to worry.

Placing the Implants is a quick procedure which can be done at the surgery, generally only taking about an hour, and is virtually painless. You don’t need to go to hospital. Within a few weeks, you will be eating as though you have your natural teeth again.

An Implant Consultation will assess your suitability

An initial Implant Consultation is required, as there are some key areas that need to be checked to assess suitability. This includes the necessary investigative x-rays and study models.

Want to learn more? Then why not check out our Dental Implants FAQs and Dental Implants page.

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