Line Reduction Injections

"Softening lines and wrinkles whilst still looking natural"

Facial lines, wrinkles and creases can all be softened by injections which either temporarily relax the muscles (Botox®), preventing the formation of lines and wrinkles, or fill the crease (Dermal Fillers), thereby smoothing existing lines. Injecting with skill and precision is the key to a natural-looking, safe result, which itself comes from an intimate understanding of the intricate balance of facial muscle movement. As qualified Dentists, we are highly trained in the muscles of the face.

Just hearing the words ‘Botox’ or ‘fillers’ can make images spring to mind of celebrities with frozen expressions and ‘trout pouts’. Add to this a sprinkling of high-profile stories of things going wrong – we must be asked about Leslie Ash every week – and it’s easy to understand why people can often be wary of such procedures.

However, in the hands of a trained, experienced professional, anti-wrinkle and line reduction injections can give the face a fresher look, often taking years off. Has it ever occurred to you that people who’ve had it done properly will escape your notice, simply because the results look natural?

Botox® injections are mainly used to treat frown lines, forehead lines and crow’s feet around the eyes. A very fine needle is used to inject directly into wrinkles, with treatment usually taking no longer than 10 minutes. It isn’t painful and cream can be applied to stop the scratch that can be felt on application. Most patients have only mild and temporary discomfort afterwards. The effects usually last 3-6 months but can be as much as 12 months.

Dermal Fillers are mainly used to treat lines in the lower face, especially nose-to-mouth or mouth-to-chin lines but also frown lines between the eyes and acne scars. Lips and facial contours can also be enhanced, restoring definition or volume. Treatment usually takes 20-40 minutes. Results are immediate and typically last 9-12 months.

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