‘Smile Makeover’

What is a ‘Smile Makeover’?

A ‘Smile Makeover’ is the process a person goes through to improve their smile. It can range from Teeth Whitening and a few Cosmetic Fillings to Teeth Straightening and Veneers or Crowns. To complete the look, more and more Patients are opting for Facial Cosmetics, having anti-wrinkle and line reduction injections around the lips or to soften nose-to-mouth or mouth-to-chin lines.

Why have one?

The smile is key to how we look and feel about ourselves and also to how others view us. Straight, white, healthy-looking teeth are often associated with youth and success. Having a great smile can also boost self-esteem and confidence ... and take years off! According to figures from the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentists, 32% of us are concerned about how our teeth look and 20% of us hide our teeth in photos. Cosmetic Dentistry now offers some revolutionary ways of whitening and straightening teeth. And the great news is, they can work out faster and cheaper than having, say, a set of Veneers or ‘train-track’ braces.

What are the choices?

We firmly believe in embracing new techniques and in taking the least invasive route wherever clinically possible. We won’t offer extensive Crown work or Veneers when a few, strategically placed Cosmetic Fillings and Teeth Whitening could close gaps and produce great results at a fraction of the price. Also, we prefer to move teeth using the latest braces – Inman™ ‘Speed Brace’ or Invisalign® ‘Invisible Braces’ – which can work surprisingly quickly. Only then, would we look to fit Veneers or Crowns if still needed. This ensures a far cheaper and healthier approach. Teeth Whitening can be done in the surgery, using the Zoom! system to whiten teeth inside and out and/or by you at home, using custom-made clear gumshields.

What happens?

Case selection is hugely important, as everyone’s teeth are different and not all cases are suited to all treatments. If you’re interested in finding out more, book in for a consultation with Dr Grant, when we can discuss the options available to you. You will be under no obligation.

Can I see the predicted result?

In most cases, yes. With Invisalign®, a DVD simulation shows the likely tooth movements and treatment time, while with Inman™, a model cast is made. With Crowns, temporaries can be adjusted to suit, so you can see if you like them first. With Teeth Whitening, you’re in control of how white you wish to go and can take it in stages and use the home system to top up and maintain the look you want.

What about results?

Every case is different, but the following are typical timeframes: Teeth Whitening: Zoom! takes 1 hour in the surgery; Home system takes, on average, 7-10 nights; Teeth Straightening: Inman™ typically takes 6-16 weeks; Invisalign® 12-52 weeks; Veneers and Dental Crowns: Immediate once the final ones are fitted; Cosmetic Fillings: Immediate.

See the results for yourself in our Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After Gallery.

How long will results last?

It depends on how well you look after your teeth. Generally, Teeth Whitening can last at least a year although no whitening is permanent, as teeth can become stained again and naturally discolour with age. However, whitening can be topped up as needed if you opt for the home system. With Teeth Straightening, teeth will move back if a retainer isn’t worn at night once the treatment is completed. With Veneers and Crowns, the generally quoted average is 10 years, but this can be longer with proper care.


Prices can vary according to the complexity of the case, but the following are typical costs: Home whitening £200 (upper or lower teeth) or £300 (upper and lower teeth); Zoom!® rapid whitening £450; Cosmetic Fillings from £85; Inman™ £1,500 per arch; Invisalign® from £3,500 for both arches (including free whitening); Veneers from £500 per tooth; Crowns from £300 per tooth. Please refer to our Price List.

See the results for yourself in our Cosmetic Dentistry Before & After Gallery.

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