The Practice

"Who we are and what we believe in"

A professional, friendly service based on trust and excellence

Here at The Whyte House, we take great pride in our dentistry and believe we offer exceptional patient care, so you will feel relaxed and fully informed from the second you step through the door. We don’t rush appointments, allowing you all the time you need to talk through treatment options and to ask any questions.

Our business has grown through word-of-mouth

We’re proud to say our main source of new patients is word-of-mouth referrals. Many of our patients originally came to us for a second opinion, having been advised there was no alternative treatment or solution, and have ended up staying. Please visit the Testimonials site to see for yourself what our Patients have to say.

State-of-the-art surgeries

We now have 2 brand new surgeries, fitted out with the latest equipment and technology, including intra-oral cameras, which make it easier for us to see close-up what’s going on in your mouth, and plasma screen technology. The worlds of Dentistry and Facial Aesthetics never seem to stand still and we’re always keen to embrace new ideas, technology and techniques to improve your experience as a Patient.

The Whyte House – home of Dr Grant

Dr Grant McAree is the owner and Senior Practitioner and set up the practice in Topsham, near Exeter, in August 2007 after having successfully built one of the largest dental practices in Devon over the previous 5 years. He treats patients from across the country and abroad and is the Sensodyne® Pronamel® Dentist for 2011 and 2012. He writes a monthly column in the Express & Echo as well as Ask Dr Grant in Exeter Living and has appeared in local, regional and national publications.

Corporate responsibility

As a business, we are committed to operating in a manner that is ethical, legal and meets our patients’ expectations of private dentistry and excellent customer care. We build relationships with our local community, suppliers and representatives … and often find patients just popping in for a coffee and a chat!

Please visit the Testimonials site to see for yourself what our Patients have to say.

Please click here to watch our corporate video, where you can see the Practice and hear from some of our Patients.


Our staff are the main asset of the business: it thrives because of their commitment, loyalty and professional attitude to their work. Our outstanding patient care and the relaxed and friendly environment we create are what patients say keep them coming back. They tell us they love the informality and that it doesn’t feel like “coming to the Dentist”. Our staff take pride in the service they offer, keeping up-to-date with developments in the dentistry world as well as for personal ambition.


Our whole business revolves around providing the very best treatment, advice and care for all our patients. We always listen first and only proceed once you are 100% comfortable with the treatment outlined. We do not rush appointments, allowing you all the time you need to talk through treatment options, to raise any concerns and to ask questions. We deal with nervous patients sympathetically and offer a counselling service if required. We always welcome feedback on any aspect of our service and carry out regular patient surveys, making changes where necessary to keep our standards high and the business moving forward.


Our suppliers and representatives play an active role in our business and we see them as part of the team. They always keep us updated with the latest products and treatments, so we can be sure we are continuing to offer our patients the very best options at all times.


Our business is in the heart of the community here in Topsham. We have built good relationships with the people in the town and local businesses. We often link up with other small businesses, pooling our shared expertise and experience to offer a range of products and services between us, including special offers for our shared customers.


We are committed to respecting the environment, especially in relation to waste disposal. Our hazard waste is disposed of legally and ethically through Peake Waste GB. All our recyclable materials are disposed of through the Local Authority under contract. Our staff are aware of the potential impact of waste on the environment and are committed to its safe and correct disposal and recycling.