To smooth, brighten and align teeth

Dental Veneers

Veneers offer a simple way of enhancing your smile by concealing the colour, shape or position of the natural teeth. Often restoring just one tooth in this way can make all the difference. Veneers are an art form, using the latest materials to create a natural-looking, colour-matched result. 

Minimally invasive procedure

Patients tend to want minor changes to their teeth, but worry about having them cut down to points. Veneers represent a minimally invasive procedure – very little tooth surface needs to be taken away and, in some cases, none at all. 

Matching the shape, characteristics and colour of the tooth

How it works 

A thin slip of porcelain is bonded over the tooth, similar to false fingernails being applied. The shape, characteristics and colour are all expertly matched to the existing teeth and we discuss the shape and characteristics with our master ceramicist.

Patients are referred to our cosmetic technician to take a professional shade, which is done at a particular time of the day to avoid, for example, the afternoon darkness giving a false impression of tooth colour. The shade can be whitened, if necessary, to your satisfaction. 

We can construct a wax mock-up of the Veneer for you to try and give you an idea of the finished look. Once you’re happy, we can go ahead and have the Veneer made, ensuring your expectations are being met.