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Emergency Dentists Exeter – Need Help Fast?

The Whyte House Dental Group can help you with your urgent dental needs. If you’re experiencing an emergency such as a severe toothache, call us now on 01392 877494 to arrange an emergency dental appointment with one of our team of highly-experienced dentists.

Issues we can help with

We’re able to treat all kinds of urgent dental cases including the following:

> Toothache
> Damaged, fractured or broken teeth
> Missing/knocked-out teeth
> Dental trauma/injuries to the teeth and gums
> Dental abcesses and infections
> Swollen gums
> Lost fillings
> Problems with dentures or orthodontic appliances

We’re also able to provide dental sedation and our team are experienced in treating patients who are nervous or afraid of treatment and helping them to relax.

“Patients looking for emergency dental care in the Exeter area would be hard pressed to find a better option than the Whyte House.”

Mo Uddin, owner Instant Dental, Kent.


Here at The Whyte House, we think it’s important you feel confident that, should you develop a dental problem unexpectedly, you can be seen promptly.

During normal opening hours

If you are a Registered Patient of the Practice, we will usually be able to fit you in the same day. If you are a non-Registered Patient, we will certainly do our very best to see you that day but can’t guarantee it. There is a £30 Emergency Consultation charge for both Registered and non-Registered Patients in addition to the actual treatment cost.

‘Out of hours’ on-call service

This service applies in the evenings, at weekends and during Bank Holidays. In addition to the £30 Emergency Consultation charge for both Registered and non-Registered Patients, there is a charge for opening up the surgery ‘out of hours’ of £110 (plus the actual treatment cost) for Registered Patients and of £220 (plus the actual treatment cost) for non-Registered Patients.

Please see our Price List for further details.

If you require emergency dental treatment ‘out of hours’, please call the main Practice number on 01392 877494 and follow the instructions on the recorded message.