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Experienced Exeter Dentist

Experienced dentist Dr Grant McAree adopts a preventative, conservative approach to treatment, in favour of minimally invasive techniques whenever clinically possible, at no compromise to the aesthetic result.  

Being a firm advocate of revolutionary Teeth Straightening systems, Dr Grant McAree’s main concern is to protect and conserve as much of the natural tooth structure for as long as possible. Never opting for a quick-fix, destructive solution so often seen in extreme makeover-type programmes and magazine articles, Dr Grant McAree’s approach means teeth rarely need to be removed.

“I love my job – every case is different and after 15 years, as an experienced dentist in practice, I am happy to say my main source of new business is word-of-mouth recommendations. It is so satisfying to see how the treatment – big or small – can positively impact the patients life, well-being or happiness – something I still get great joy from, even after all these years in dentistry.” 

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I graduated from dental school in 1997, GDC No. 73367 with the goal to set up a dental practice that could make a difference. The first Whyte House Dental Surgery opened in Plymouth 2001, in which just over a 5 year period we built a team of 30 strong staff members, dedicated to providing patients with the choice of affordable and cosmetic dentistry.

Over the many years within the dental field, we have built a number of surgeries with this focus ethos, “Patients should have the choice.” It was this introduction of the affordable dentistry plan to our fee structure that was met with an over whelming response, which only confirmed our thoughts and highlighted our ethos. On average we are now expanding to cope with the influx of new patients, which now evens out as 100 new registered patients a month. 

My Post Graduate education

Following the General Dental Council guidelines of continued professional development I have attended many courses including:

  • Invisalign advanced course, one of the few Platinum Providers for Invisalign in Devon and Somerset
  • Cosmetic braces/wires and brackets
  • Align Bleach And Bond (IAS)
  • Inman Aligner. Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses
  • Modern techniques used for root treating teeth   
  • Restorative (Veneers)                               
  • Clear Smile Braces
  • Advanced Botulinium Injections, BTX: Anti wrinkle treatments                                     
  • Advanced Facial Fillers
  • Hypnotherapy for nervous patients   
  • Taking accurate impressions                                             
  • Trauma

Post graduate certification

  • Botulinum BTX anti wrinkle injections
  • Filler (Restylane)
  • Advanced Orthodontics (14 month post graduate course) Intelligent Alignment System
  • Dental Implants (12 month post graduate course A grade pass) Eastman Dental Hospital
  • Inman Aligner 
  • Invisalign Platinum Provider
  • Clear Smile Braces

Awards and achievements

  • Award for the most completed teeth straightening cases for IAS (Intelligent Alignment Systems) in the UK/Worldwide in 2018
  • Achieved a grade A for post graduate course in dental implants from the prestigious Eastman Dental Hospital

Experienced Dentist


Dr Grant McAree may be an experienced dentist but a terrible surfer and can be found enjoying the surf around the cost of Devon alongside his wife and two children. Another of Grant’s pleasures is watching his son and daughter’s sports games/matches, and if he ever gets a quiet moment, Grant can be found enjoying a good British drama with his wife.