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Clear Braces

Invisalign Exeter – What are Clear Braces?

Invisalign braces straighten whole sets of upper or lower teeth using custom-made aligners – like transparent gum-shields – rather than fixed metal braces.

I don’t want to look like I’m wearing braces!

Don’t worry! The Invisalign aligners are like clear mouth-guards, custom-made using a digital scanner to fit perfectly over your teeth, meaning most people won’t know you’re wearing them. You can talk, smile and socialise as normal… but get all the benefits of a fixed brace.

Will I have trouble eating when wearing Invisalign Braces?

Not at all. You remove your ‘Invisible Braces’ for eating and drinking. So, there’s no risk they’ll get stained, damaged… or stop you eating your favourite crunchy, sticky or spicy foods!

Who does Invisalign Braces work best on?

Lots of people, including those with: 1) Crowded, twisted or overlapping teeth; 2) Widely spaced, gapping teeth; 3) Overbites, underbites or crossbites; 4) Teeth which have moved back following previous straightening treatment.

Any other benefits?

Yes! Unlike fixed braces: 1) You probably won’t need any teeth extractions; 2) You can clean your teeth as normal; 3) You can choose to remove your clear braces for special occasions.

What about results? Photographs

Many people notice a visible difference within a couple of weeks. Unlike normal braces, you can see progress week-on-week! But don’t forget: teeth will stop moving, or start moving back, if you don’t wear the transparent braces as directed.


Invisalign Clear Braces

How long will it take?

Single-arch treatment (ie top or bottom) takes approx 18 weeks on average, but can be as little as 12 weeks. More complex treatments may take from 28 weeks.

What happens after treatment?

As with most braces, you’re likely to have to wear a retainer at night following treatment to stop your lovely straight teeth moving back.

How do I get started?

Easy! You just come in for a consultation to assess your suitability and to give you all of your choices. The state-of-the-art iTero scanner then takes digital ‘impressions’ (no need to bite into that hideous sticky clay stuff!) and instantly shows you how your straightened teeth will look. Once you’re happy, the braces are custom-made to achieve your dream!