Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Exeter - For a brighter smile

Teeth Whitening Exeter

The most popular cosmetic dental treatment

Teeth Whitening Exeter – Teeth can become discoloured over time either as part of the natural ageing process or as a result of staining from extrinsic factors, like tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. 

Teeth Whitening is an excellent way of revitalising the natural look of teeth without the need to remove healthy enamel. A whiter smile can make you look and feel years younger and give a huge boost to your confidence. 

Many patients opt for alignment, whitening and bonding. Braces and Teeth Whitening This results in a complete smile makeover.

Peace of mind

However, with so many different systems and products, it’s difficult to know which one’s right for you. The good news is that the General Dental Council has now imposed tougher controls on who is allowed to perform teeth whitening following widespread complaints about poor treatment. It has stated that it considers teeth whitening to be a dental procedure and, as such, should only be carried out by dental professionals. 

Teeth Whitening Exeter Systems

We offer two main Teeth Whitening choices: Rapid Whitening, under the Zoom!® brand, which is carried out in the dental chair and can achieve a brighter result in just an hour; and Home Whitening, which you do yourself using custom-made clear gumshields. For best results, many of our patients opt for a combination of the two systems. 

For patients who have had root canal treatment, there is also the option of internal whitening of individual teeth which have become darkened as a result of the treatment. 

Rapid Whitening

With Zoom!®, the whitening process is speeded up thanks to controlled UV light being directed at the teeth once the special whitening gel has been applied and lips and gums have been protected. The treatment takes less than an hour and you get immediate results with this system. 

Home Whitening

With this system, impressions are taken and clear gumshields custom-made to fit perfectly over your teeth. At home, you simply put the special gel in the trays and wear them overnight, typically for 7-10 nights or until you achieve your desired level of whiteness. You can also wear them during the day, but this may be trickier to fit into your lifestyle, as you can’t wear them while eating or drinking and you need to rinse your mouth out and clean your teeth once you take them out. 

The home whitening system also allows you to ‘top up’ as you feel necessary, with no need to come in for another appointment. It’s entirely up to you and the look you wish to maintain. 

Rapid Whitening + Home Whitening

You can go for the two systems in combination, for even better results: Zoom! first and then the home whitening system for 3-4 nights or, again, until you’re happy with the result. 

Some patients opt for home whitening first and then decide to upgrade to rapid whitening and Zoom!®. Again, it’s your choice. 

Please note that we do not recommend Teeth Whitening treatment during pregnancy. 

A Teeth Whitening Exeter Consultation

A whitening consultation with Dr Grant could help you decide whether teeth whitening is for you. Please call us on 01392 877494 and we can book you an appointment so you can discuss your various options. You will be under no obligation.