Dr Grant
is a very caring practitioner. I cannot recommend him enough for the exceptional treatment I received from him. The result of my cosmetic dentistry exceeded my expectations. Thank you so much for my lovely smile.



I originally went to see Grant regarding my bottom row of teeth which over the course of 5 years or so, became really crooked. I was concerned about how hard they would become to clean but felt increasingly unhappy with how they looked. While assessing the benefits of correcting these, Grant sensitively talked to me about straightening my top row too. I have, since childhood had rather protruding ‘fangs’ and historically disliked how they looked, it was the first thing I noticed in photos! But I had never really thought I could do anything about them. We decided upon a full treatment to straighten all my teeth. Grant was always very sensitive, never pressurising and always reassuring. Wearing the brace wasn’t easy but I persevered and wore it ALL the time. I’ve now finished and just have a retainer at night. I can’t believe the fangs I have always disliked are in line with the others, none of them are crooked and at risk of sounding cheesy, I feel much more confident in my smile! They are whiter than ever and I can now floss with ease. I’ve just turned 40 and I have two small children so this is a welcome confidence boost! Thank you Grant!


Simply a fab and affordable dental surgery, thrilled with the treatment.


Many have paid tribute to Grant and his wonderful team but this testimonial is different because of the period it covers. Nearly eight years ago Grant carried out major work on my long neglected teeth which previously had looked horrible. It was very expensive, or so I thought at the time, extremely skilfully done and all made easier by the ancillary support team, all of whom are still with the practice. Since then I have required no more treatment until last week when I developed severe toothache in a large molar. Grant and his team were superb and having looked at a number of options I had it extracted, which was done painlessly, quickly and economically. I have looked at other practices but the Whyte House is simply the best in range and quality of service and value for money.


Being treated by Grant was real pleasure. He was friendly and always very professional. The practice on the whole were a pleasure to deal with as all the girls are also lovely and will always ask how you are. I am always telling people where I got my braces done and that actual, despite the terrible lisp for a week, they weren’t half bad! In terms of the treatment I was kept in the loop from start to finish, from exactly what would happen and when, and, as I have the worst pain threshold, I was told whether it would hurt or not, which actually – It never did!


I approached The Whyte House because of the reputation, testimonials and reasonable pricing. I was a nervous dentist attendee before this treatment. However the Whyte house is friendly and welcoming. You are instantly put at ease. Appointments are quick and felt more like a catch up with friends. I felt safe and comfortable and my treatment was pain free. The result was not only rapid but life changing. Being able to smile and talk with confidence, makes a huge impact upon my life. I can now finally smile in photos! I found the experience to be friendly, fast, efficient and affordable. I would recommend Dr Grant to anyone who wants cosmetic dentistry. In fact I have already encouraged others to make appointments. The control you are given as a patient is as perfect as my new smile. I wish I’d done this sooner. Thank you.


R H Squire
Having spent a great deal of money on dental work at a private practice near the city centre and ending up really less than satisfied I voted with my feet with that dentist. Fortunately I signed up with Dr Grant McAree, this was the best move ever. He is extremely professional, his work in this case bridge work, root canal and crowns was excellent and the pricing was fair and reasonable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Michelle Hincke
As unlikely as it sounds, I can honestly say that my experience of having braces (Invisalign) fitted by The Whyte House has been a pleasure from start to finish. Dr Grant and his friendly team made me feel welcome and comfortable from the first moment I entered the practice. The team were knowledgeable and patient, explaining the products and options that might be suitable for me. I have never been ‘unhappy’ with my teeth but was keen to perfect them and after only 7 months of treatment I am now sporting an amazing smile that has improved my confidence exponentially. I really looked forward to visiting Dr Grant at the surgery to monitor my progress, simply because it’s a happy, relaxed environment in which to be. Bizarrely I enjoyed going to the dentist, not many people can say that! As a result of the care and attention that I have received at the practice I am even considering leaving my current NHS dentist and investing in a more enjoyable dental experience. I would not hesitate to recommend The Whyte House (or the products that it offers) to anybody, they truly are a great team of professionals who are passionate about what they do. Money can’t buy you happiness but it can sure buy you a kick-ass smile!


Laura Winsor
Many thanks to Dr Grant and his team, throughout my treatment I felt I was well informed about my options which ultimately gave me the straight smile I’ve wanted for a long time. The care he takes and the comfort I felt was immeasurable- everyone is so friendly and professional. I love smiling now and will let people take photos of me! I’m very glad and grateful the team were able to work so well with me. Thank you!


I honestly cannot thank you enough – In 8 weeks my teeth have been transformed from an irregular, misshapen mess- to beautiful, STRAIGHT!!, regularly shaped teeth… The difference this makes to my confidence is unmeasurable- THANK YOU!!


I had a badly stained set of teeth which was affecting my confidence in smiling and talking to even my closest friends and family. I viewed The Whyte House website the other evening and felt enough was enough. I had considered them briefly before but had no idea treatment would be so affordable. I called them the next day and spoke to a friendly member of the team who managed to squeeze me in early in the morning just two days later. I went along to my appointment today feeling extremely apprehensive (& embarrassed) I was warmly welcomed and the dentist I saw put me at ease from the onset. She was lovely and assured me that she would have all staining off by the time I left. I felt extremely relaxed for the whole time I was there and by the end of my treatment, I looked in the mirror to see not a hint of staining. This evening I am smiling and my teeth feel very clean. I am now keen to ensure I have all my treatment at The Whyte House. They appear to be extremely thorough, very experienced, professional and totally customer focused. Thank you team!

Testimonials for Stained Teeth

I have always had a fear of the dentist until i met grant and his team, now i actually look forward to going to the dentist and seeing the results afterwards. I would to thank each and everyone of the team for being so kind, patient and giving me the smile i desired for many years….. I finally have the confidence to be me again. I would recommend anyone to go here because you won’t leave disappointed. Thanks again for making me a happier girl again.

Veronique Veltink-Hendriks
I am very pleased with the result after using the Inman teeth straightening method. My teeth look so much better and I smile with confidence! Dr Grant McAree is friendly, accurate and pragmatic in his approach and so is his staff.

Greer Husbands
Massive thanks to Grant and his team for giving me the smile I’ve longed for for many many years. Grant was able to provide thorough guidance on the options available to me to straighten my teeth and suggested affordable options I didn’t even know were possible. So happy that I can now smile freely without feeling self conscious about my crooked smile.  Looking forward to seeing Grant and his team again soon to have them whitened! One VERY happy customer!

Iryna Thompson
I found Dr Grant professional, enthusiastic and responsive. He listened to my concerns and took great care to advise on the most appropriate treatment for me. I had crown replacement, teeth whitening and finished with Inman aligners.  What a difference!!! I can now smile with confidence. I want to say thank you to Dr Grant and his fantastic team for everything they have done for me.

I came to see you for a consultation a while ago and was impressed that there was no hard sell and I was recommended not to have treatment! I was also really pleased with the professionalism and friendly welcome. My dentist in has recently changed, but I’d like to switch to you for my next appointment (my whole family may follow).

Mandy Harrison
I can’t thank Dr Grant and his team enough. I have just finished my treatment with an Inman Aligner to straighten teeth that have been the reason I didn’t smile much for over 20 years. It took just 10 weeks to make me smile like a crazy lady and I owe all that to Dr Grant. From the moment I stepped into the practice I felt at ease when greeted so warmly by such a friendly face. Then when I met Dr Grant I knew that I was going to get first class treatment, and I was right. Start to finish, it has been a pleasure to deal with such lovely, lovely people and not once did I feel that I wouldn’t get the results I wanted. What I did get was much more than I had dared hope for. So, thank you so much Dr Grant and all the great team of people you have at your practice. I am now in the middle of whitening my teeth with the home kit you supplied and cannot believe the difference in just one week!! Wish I had done this sooner in life, but if I had I may not have met such great people as those at The Whyte House and may not have got such fantastic results. You may see me again in the near future if ever I need any more treatment!

Recently finished with the Inman Aligner and so pleased with the results. It’s so nice to greet people I don’t know with a big smile, instead of worrying about what they will think about my teeth. The warm and friendly service received by all the staff made this a very pleasant experience.

I completed treatment with the Inman aligners and several months down the line I’m still so happy with the results. I travelled from North Devon as there weren’t many dentists locally with the same kind of experience, and despite the three hour round trip I would definitely say it was worth it! Many thanks to Dr Grant and the team for their expertise.

Lauren Kinsey
I have recently completed my dental treatment with Dr Grant and I must say I had a brilliant experience. Dr Grant and his team were very helpful and friendly, ensuring I understood the dental plan etc before going ahead with the treatment. Dr Grant took the treatment step by step, ensuring that I was completely happy with the result with no rush! I am very happy with the final result, having spent most of my childhood ashamed of my smile I can now say I am more confident and I have a smile that I am proud of. Thank you Dr Grant for your time and effort!

Maria Williams
I decided to go ahead with treatment for implants after discussing with Grant and my family. After some consultations it was agreed that I would benefit from the treatment and I went ahead. Throughout the process I was treated with respect being kept informed of the progress and what to expect. It has made a big difference to me from my smile to my confidence when eating out.  I am really happy with the outcome and would do it all again. It was definitely money well spent for me.

Sally Hartnell
Dr Grant is amazing! I have a great fear of the dentist but eventually had to go as my two upper front crowns needed replacing. Dr Grant put me completely at ease at every visit, he made it clear in advance exactly what was going to happen, he ensured I never experienced any pain – completely different to my experience with other Dentists. I mentioned to him that I had always hated my bottom front teeth and more so in recent years as they had become more and more crooked, he said he could straighten them which I found hard to believe as my two previous Dentists and an Orthodontist said this was not possible without having at least one extraction, probably two. Dr Grant assured me that within 12 weeks this could be achieved with the Inman brace so I went ahead and I am so delighted with the results. As promised I now have lovely straight teeth on the bottom, two new crowns which look brilliant, and had all my teeth whitened. Dr Grant is a complete perfectionist and made sure I left with a smile I am very proud of. In addition I knew exactly what it would cost from the word go and in fact it ended up costing me £300 less than he had estimated. I truly cannot recommend him and his team highly enough. Go to him – you will not regret it.

Testimonials for two upper front crowns

Stephanie Boland
Dr Grant McAree is a fantastic dentist. Having never had braces as a teen, I wasn’t keen on getting fixed braces as an adult; the Inman Aligner, luckily, proved perfect. Within a few months my teeth were vastly improved, and McAree’s great eye for proportion finished them off perfectly. I’m looking forward to smiling without covering my mouth, finally!

So, so pleased with the result! My new crowns are wonderful,just lovely being able to have a super smile again. A great result, giving me so much more confidence. Lovely job. Thankyou! thankyou! thankyou! Lost for words. Best wishes for the future.

So so so thrilled with my new teeth! Dr Grant, you are fantastic. I thoroughly recommend a visit to The Whyte House if you’ve always wanted a confident smile. I had wanted to straighten my teeth for years and Dr Grant was the only dentist that I have met who understood exactly what I wanted, without me having to even explain! And the results have been fantastic. My teeth look so natural and exactly how I’d always wanted them. The whole of the staff are brilliant and made me feel so relaxed even with my nerves from previous experiences with other dentists. Can’t recommend it enough. Thank you, I can’t stop smiling!

Emma Compton
Absolutely thrilled with the results of my treatment. I used to hate my teeth and now they are one of my best features. And my boyfriend says I’ve gone from a 6/10 to a 7, so that’s just great…! Seriously though, I was delighted with the service, Dr Grant and his team are really lovely people who put you at ease and can have a laugh and a giggle. Now I just can’t stop smiling!

Pat Davies
I just love love love my teeth Dr Grant has changed my life and given me my confidence back, he has not only been a brilliant dentist but a friend, confidant , he is funny reassuring and not forgetting lovely eye candy !!! Sorry Grant I will follow you wherever you go !!! The team you have are wonderful and I love them all . Enjoy your little treat guys . Loads of love Pat Davies Plymouth

Paul Meadows
As a recent resident to Topsham, I went to see Dr Grant for a check up and also to see if there was any safe way to have my teeth straightened and cleaned, since they had moved and deteriorated with age. Having shied away from a previous dentist who had blithely recommended expensive veneers almost without thought, I was nervous and somewhat disillusioned with the profession generally. I needn’t have worried. Right from the outset Grant’s professionalism, creative flair and reassuring manner gave me confidence that I was in the best hands. He is that rare person, one who genuinely cares for his patients and loves his job.  The work he did for me is fantastic, much better than anything I could have hoped for, and he went the extra mile in ensuring that I was both happy and understood what was going on throughout the process. I found both him and his team very professional and friendly and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone, the best dentist I have come across by a country mile. Job done!

Charlotte Startin
We were delighted when Dr Grant said he would refer our young teenage son for orthodontic treatment to help with his teeth which were mis-aligned, and he was very self-conscious of.  In fact, our son could not wait to have braces and counted down the days until we saw the Orthodontist. He felt he wanted to be able to smile confidently and this is exactly what has happened.  Dr Grant was considerate and kind and reassured our son that if he followed his guidance, he would then be referred. This is exactly what happened and Dr Grant was completely reassuring and supportive at all stages.  We have seen such a difference already in so many ways – thank you very much Dr Grant, and we would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending you – to date you have successfully helped and treated three out of four of our family and made such a difference to us all.

Dear Dr Grant, Dental Implants, I could not allow the opportunity to pass bye, without dropping you a note regarding my recent Implant treatment. Your initial inspection and subsequent scan proved without doubt, that you were absolutely SPOT ON with your analysis of my problem. Both yourself and Robert Gosling’s (Select Dental) at Exmouth involvement has to be strongly recommended to anyone who has been experiencing floppy and loose bottom plate, creating soreness and discomfort when eating and restricting what I could or could not eat. I am now enjoying my food perfectly, for the first time in over 35 years. Once again, A BIG BIG thank you.

Terri Curtis
Dr Grant?…Delivering The Dream……and he does. I found myself suddenly in the unenviable position of owning cracked, missing, loose and stained teeth due to years of missing appointments and smoking….i couldn’t eat, smile or talk properly but i was the original white knuckle patient who could dislocate a dental nurse’s wrist during treatment and would need medication just for a check up!!…My NHS dentist suggested I find a dentist with ‘Vision’ and a ‘Plan’! So I did….Dr Grant has an enviable and effective aura of calm and self belief that immediately negates any angst or doubt, gives excellent advice and clear reasoning…and thanks to his pointing out the compromises I might have to make if I continued smoking,  I gave up before my first consultation 3 months ago and that on its own made a huge difference to my life health wise and financially. I ended up having the All on Four treatment, implants, root canal, peridol treatment, extractions, crowns and whitening and even with the temporary bridges, the difference is amazing…at no time did I EVER feel any pain and unbelievably, was relaxed at every appointment without help! The dental staff are so friendly and supportive, after care the same and the surgeon Richard?…I would sit in his chair all day!… Please do not hesitate…just make the call!

Lorraine Gardner
Birthdays are a cause for celebration and this year I decided to celebrate mine with a brand new smile. It is something I had thought about often but not had the courage to do. As the Whyte House Practice with its excellent reputation is on my doorstep there seemed no better time than the present. I made an appointment with Dr Grant and my consultation was very relaxed and informative.  All my options were clearly explained and I felt very reassured. My treatment was scheduled over several weeks with three significant appointments. We decided on a number of crowns, veneers and some skillful tooth sculpting to achieve a ‘super smile’. Years of tea-bag abuse had left my teeth an unglamorous shade so a whitening programme was included. To say I am a nervous patient would be an understatement!  Lengthy treatment as a child to correct overcrowded teeth ( with little effect) had left its mark – but I need not have worried. I practically breezed through the treatment – looking forward to each appointment as more progress was made. Friends and family cannot believe the difference int smile! In just a few weeks I have beautiful, straight white teeth and I am thrilled! My sons one and only comment ‘AWESOME’ confirms my one regret …… I didn’t do it sooner! Thank you Dr G and Team for your amazing care, treatment and result! From one very happy patient!

Testimonials for Smile Makeover

Stacey Drew-frost
After having fixed braces in my teens,years after I suffered movement with my teeth, I was very embarrassed and would hardly smile. I came to meet Dr Grant and the team, from the get go I felt comfortable and Grant assured me he could help. After my invisible brace treatment, Im as so thrilled and I can’t stop smiling! looking back on my wedding photos I’m so glad I found Dr Grant! he has given me the confidence boost I needed, Im always telling friends/loved ones of my fantastic experience at the Whyte House! Thank you Grant for making me one happy patient!!

Victoria Beer
I was advised to use Dr grant through a friend that had recently had some work done to her teeth by him , her teeth looked fantastic and I was very impressed when i saw her before and after photos so I decided to get in touch with the Whyte house myself.

Dr Grant advised me to use the clear aligner brace to straighten my front tooth slightly and close an unwanted gap. The service he and his staff provided was professional yet relaxed,they all made my experience of going to the dentist a pleasure, in fact I’d look forward to my next appointment. I am extremely happy with the end results and would fully recommend Dr Grant and the Whyte house to anyone! Keep up the good work team! Many thanks !!

Ellen Yeates
Having not visited the dentist properly for nearly 12 years following a previously upsetting experience, pain finally drove me to desperation to Dr Grant. With friendly professionalism, Dr Grant and his staff put me at ease to extract a tricky wisdom tooth with no pain or discomfort at all. My mindset about visiting the dentist has been completely changed. I was seriously impressed!

I visited Dr Grant to get my teeth straightened after seeing his ad in a magazine. I’m very pleased with the result and I would not hesitate to recommend his services. Dr Grant and his staff combine professionalism with a friendly and flexible approach that left me feeling informed and supported throughout the process.

Heidi Parker
When I first visited Dr Grant, I was a very nervous patient, my perception changed after the first visit. All of the staff made me feel really at ease, and I always received excellent customer care. Having just completed my course of treatment, I would like to express my delight at the results. I now smile and laugh with confidence. I will have no problem referring Dr Grant to family and friends. I wish you all the best, thank you.

Paul Boddy
After many hours looking online for a local dentist who could fit me with an Inman Aligner to straighten my front teeth and with great reviews i chose Dr.Grant from The Whyte House Ltd Cosmetic Clinic in Devon. Now when someone mentions the word dentist they normally shudder with the thought , as i did before i started my visits to see Dr.Grant , from start to finish i found every aspect of the process very professional and informative. Dr.Grant and his team make you feel as if your part of the family , and i can honestly say it’s been a pleasure to be one of his patients , now my teeth are straight again i just can’t stop smiling , Thank you so much Dr.Grant and your team.

Karen Febry
Being a rather nervous, non dentist fan I approached The Whyte House some months ago with trepidation and some cynicism. Having now completed my treatment consisting of upper implants and bridges, lower bridge and periodontal disease treatment I can only say that not only am I delighted with the results but that my rather negative view of dentists has improved immeasurably. Grant and his entire team made me feel, welcome, relaxed and important from the moment I stepped through the door – no more sedation for me – instead, a huge confident smile.

Heather Weaver
 I have been to see Dr Grant to have my teeth straightened. The service has been thorough and professional but also friendly and relaxed. I am very satisfied with the results and would recommend The Whyte House to anyone.

L.P. Topsham
After Two months of tooth pain which i can only describe as agony and having been let down on several occasions by another practice, I approached Dr Grant on recommendation of other satisfied customers for an opinion. He has been fantastic!!! He promised me pain free dentistry which it was. He is honest, hundred percent reliable & the aftercare & follow up service has been marvelous . I had lost complete faith in my dentist, { was very nervous, depressed and in a lot of pain. I had several tooth problems and needed several procedures but Dr Grant carried these out quickly & efficiently, In fact I have spent a lot of time at his surgery and all his staff are extremely friendly, interested and have always put me at ease. I now feel 100% better & feel confident in Dr Grant and feel assured that any further treatment I may require will be dealt with in the same way. I would like to thank Dr Grant and his team,they really have made me feel like a different person. Great Job!

Mr Mitchell
After not being able to wear a lower denture for years and after seeing Rob and Grant and having implants sited and a lower denture it has solved my problems. The service they both gave was amazing.

Maria Williams
I have just completed a full upper implant. This was started through an initial assessment visit, a full scan and then treatment through the practice and the work related partnership with Mr Pagliero. The surgeon, David, was supportive, informative and in my opinion 100% effective as a superb practitioner. I was treated at all times with consideration and respect and kept informed at all aspects of the process. When the fixed bridge was first made available they were deemed not quite right by Grant who would not accept anything but the best. I can only state my opinion that this was the best dental work I have ever had.  I would recommend anyone to visit this practice to get an assessment, my husband has just agreed to do so after seeing the excellent results from my treatment.

Sheila Helen
Dr Grant and his staff are both professional and immensely kind;  Dr Grant listens to you, assesses what needs to be done; further he and his staff always manage to put you at ease no matter what procedure is being performed. Top marks to Dr Grant and his team.

E. Walkden
Following an abcess and the collapse of a bridge, I was told by another dentist that I would have to have 2 teeth extracted and dentures fitted. However Grant was able to save and crown the affected teeth and fit an implant to the third. I was very relieved that he was able to do this and am delighted with the result. As always he was charming and professional throughout the period of treatment. Many thanks!

Testimonials for Teeth Extraction and dentures

Dawn W
I recently had an implant fitted by Dr Grant and his team. Throughout the procedure I experienced minimal discomfort and no pain. Dr Grant was, at all times, reassuring and kept me totally informed during the procedure. I would like to thank Dr Grant and his team for all their help, patience and kindness that they have shown during this time. I now have my smile back.

Martin B
When I decided to have an implant fitted I was more worried about the procedure than the cost. Following an extraction I had a gaping hole to one side of my mouth which when I smiled made me self conscious, the alternatives were to have a bridge which meant destroying the perfectly good tooth next to the gap or to go for an implant. It is daunting having surgery of any type and somehow having Dental Surgery is somehow even worse, I was extremely nervous however I need not have worried as the constant reassurances given by Dr Grant and his nurse throughout the procedures kept me calm and although not the most pleasant experience at no time did it hurt or cause me not to consider another implant in the future. I personally recommend Dr Grant and his team to anyone thinking about having an implant; I am absolutely delighted with mine which being near the front of my mouth now enables me to smile with confidence.

I have had 2 implants placed. Dr Grant’s approach was friendly, professional and meticulous; nothing was too much trouble and his confident manner was reassuring throughout the process. I am delighted with the outcome.

Mrs RD
I have had the Inman speed brace with Dr Grant, I just want to say what a professional service from the entire team. Dr Grant is a perfectionist!I have the teeth to prove it. Big thanks, this has been a problem of mine for many years and I really didn’t think it possible within a reasonable cost and time.

Emily Parker
Before I came to Dr Grant, I was petrified of going to the dentist after several bad experiences elsewhere and hated smiling in pictures. I have always had teeth that stuck out which made me feel self conscious about smiling. But after a short treatment with Dr Grant I now have a smile I am proud of (and want to show off!). Dr Grant Grant has cured me of my fear of the dentist due to his calming, caring and professional approach to dentistry. Thank you…. you have made such a difference!

J Kenny
Dear Doctor Grant and staff. I simply must mail you before i go next tuesday to thank you for my front teeth, everyone thinks they are great, Mike is well pleased. cannot wait to get the rest done. i am being good and teasing with my brushes every day.

Josh Donald
After an initial consultation with Dr Grant, I felt so comfortable that not only did I decide to have my teeth straightened and whitened, but now the whole family visits for regular check-ups. His manner and professionalism are superb, as are his support team and we are always made to feel comfortable and welcome. The best dentist I have ever had.

Ginny Mellor
Thank you Grant.  I need not have worried about the replacement of my bridge as I could not have been in better hands with Grant and his team. My treatment was carried out in the most friendly, efficient and caring manner by all at the Whyte House and I am delighted with the result.  I am so grateful that my smile has been returned intact. Thank you again.

Martine Williams
My teeth have always been a major concern for me. I have always been put off with smiling for photos and generally very insecure with the way they looked. I then came across an advert for the Inman Aligner at Dr Grants practice. Right from the first visit, he gave me all the options and came across as more of a friend than just your dentist. My teeth are now in great shape and I couldn’t be more happier with them. Thank you Dr Grant and team!

Sarah Jones
I found the Inman aligner a bit tough going to begin with, but my friends and family soon got used to my slightly strange speech, and I noticed an improvement to my teeth within a few weeks. Now I finally have the teeth I have always wanted, and I am very pleased I went ahead with the treatment. Thank you Grant and Becky for your support and encouragement.

Gill Gove
I cannot thank you enough for the miracle you performed on my teeth.

Sally B
I am delighted that I found The Whyte House during an internet search. I wanted straight teeth, but could not face the thought of a traditional train track brace as I am a teacher and I thought it would be embarrassing at school. Dr Grant gave me the solution in the form of the Inman Aligner. I have been able to wear the aligners when not in front of a class of students. I have been amazed by the speed of the treatment. Everyone at The Whyte House has been brilliant. It has been worth the journeys from North Devon to get the treatment. Thank you all for your care and support.

Chris Linnitt
Thank you for doing such a fantastic job on my teeth. 10 years I have been waiting to smile.  Clare has given me the best Christmas present ever and you made it happen. Thank you. This has really changed my life and I can be my old self again.

Andrea Pearson
For the first time in my life (aged 52 years) I thought I’m not bothered if this pain is an abscess, because I know a man who will sort it and still be able to keep the lovely smile,that he has given me. Thank you Dr Grant for giving me that peace of mind.

Carli H
I’ve been wearing the Inman aligner for the last few months. Dr Grant’s honest and friendly advice has been fantastic from the start and the rest of the team have always been great too. Although I was worried that it was a lot of money the quick and pain-free results have almost made me forget about that! Thank you Dr Grant and the team.

Jessica Paleschi
Went to Dr Grant for a teeth clean and discovered he did Inman Aligner (no one else in South West does!), got it all sorted straight away and 4 weeks early my teeth are all straightened and I couldn’t be happier! All the staff at the Whyte Clinic are fantastic and I’ll actually miss my appointments!

Reception Area

I woke up today smiling… A massive thank you to Grant, Amanda and Rebecca.  You have achieved what I thought was going to be impossible and made it possible. Dealing primarily with my periodontal disease and some teeth extractions along the way, Grant has been able to work his magic and do some impressive bridgework and give me back my smile and confidence. Your professionalism and understanding has helped me get through my treatment plan and get the end result I hoped for.

Esther Wong
I have always been quite conscious of my smile as I back a bucked tooth. I started using the Inman Alighner about 10 weeks ago and now I can’t stop smiling!!!!! The brace itself is fantastic. All my friends cannot believe the rate to which it aligned my teeth. It wasn’t at all painful although I couldn’t say words with s’ properly for the duration. But is was all worth it for the speedy results it achieved. I would also like to thank Dr Grant and his wonderful team. Their friendless made me feel reassured and relaxed. They also knew I wanted my teeth aligned in time for me to emigrate and they made sure this was achieved.

Mrs Dani Bryant
Quite simply “The best”

Dr Martin Thornton
Dr Grant provided some whitening treatment. I can honestly say the experience was extremely positive. From his exceptionally welcoming staff to information about the many treatments. What was refreshing was his gentle manner yet explained all the advantages and disadvantages. I travel from London with my family for regular dentistry to Dr Grant as I am not willing to settle for second best now.

Chris King
I recently completed the Invisalign treatment at The Whyte House, Dr Grant McAree’s Dental Surgery. I have to say every single detail of my treatment surpassed all my expectations. The team’s friendliness, professionalism and enthusiasm they bring to their dentistry made it enjoyable to actually visit the dentist. As long as I still live in the area I wish to use The Whyte House for all my dentistry needs, fantastic team and people!

Charlotte Startin
I am delighted with the work that Dr Grant McAree has done on my teeth.  I had always had a discoloured front tooth that made me extremely self conscious and meant I did not want to smile in photos or public situations. To his credit, Grant had noticed this but not made mention of it until I plucked up the courage to ask his professional opinion. From there on he gave me nothing but support and confidence – he performed a procedure that previous dentists had not been able to either diagnose or recommend a solution for (most saying there was nothing that could be done), and I am absolutely delighted with the result.  My tooth looks “normal”, and it has enhanced my smile and confidence. Thank you to the whole team at The Whyte House, and in particular to Grant who recognised, acknowledged and then sorted out my problem where others have dismissed it. I can only thank you for giving me my smile back and have recommended you on numerous occasions since.

Margaret McLachlan
Thank you for the work you recently did on my teeth. The bridge and the veneer all match my teeth so perfectly that they look as though they have grown there. They have settled down so comfortably that I have forgotten that I ever had that unsightly gap where I had lost a tooth (that is, until my son decided to tell his girlfriend about the horrible big gap Mum used to have) I know I took some time to make up my mind to have the work done but, having taken the plunge at last I am happy to say that I am really thrilled with the result. Thank you very much for doing such a beautiful job.

Daryl Fulls
Visiting Dr Grant is so unlike any other experience I have had at the dentist. The surroundings are very comfortable and the reception very welcoming. Dr Grant is very confident and is great at making you feel at ease and relaxed – in fact we have whole heap of laughs whenever I visit. I have had the invisalign treatment – at my age I just didn’t want braces – but was very keen to have my teeth straightened. I have been very pleased with the process – the aligners are pretty much invisible and not at all uncomfortable to wear – So good fun at the dentist – good results from the treatment and a happy smiley customer – priceless!!

James Alexander Rae
My last visit to a dentist was about 15 years ago. After a long legacy of fear and many bad experiences, a colleague told me about Dr Grant. I did need an extraction and that was always the easy bit. Anyway I plucked up the courage and looked at the web site and sent in my sad tale. The response I had was a perfect balance of understanding and encouragement. I made an appointment and actually turned up. Everything you will read about this man is true. I will be going back and also not hesitate to recommend to my friends and colleagues, with a real new bright smile. That bit is really special.

Carol Milliner
Every bride want to look their best on their wedding day but even with the perfect dress, professionally done hair and makeup I still didn’t feel confident. A couple of visits to Dr Grant and I had the brighter whiter smile that gave me the confidence to enjoy what was the best day of my life. Thanks Dr Grant.

Matthew Clarke
I had not been to a dentist for 14 years and with my Wedding day fast approaching, my wife-to-be made an appointment for me to see Dr Grant. My teeth had suffered with 14 years of neglect but after three visits, I was made to look and feel more confident in myself than I had done for over 20 years. I would warmly recommend Dr Grant to all my friends and colleagues unreservedly.

Frances Lewis
I started my treatment in March 2009 and by my wedding day, 26 September 2009, my teeth were lovely and straight and glistening white. I had so many comments from friends and family and the photographs came out beautifully. Many thanks to Dr Grant and the team at The Whyte House, Topsham.

Sonja Moses
I am getting married very soon and needed some urgent work on my teeth. I am very frightened of going to see the dentist and have avoided it for some time. However, Dr Grant did a first class job and made me feel totally relaxed and at ease. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone.

Testimonials from Nervous patient

Carl Mayer
I was recommended to you by a friend but, being self conscious about my teeth, coming to see you was a pretty big deal. I am so pleased I ‘took the plunge’. I was truly touched by the level of care, understanding and reassurance you all showed. Everyone put me at ease, which was the first hurdle, but more importantly the treatment has given me a real self confidence. I feel so proud of my teeth that I really enjoy smiling and people have commented that I seem genuinely happier. My ‘Big day’ was made all the more special because I felt relaxed and confident about myself. Thank you all for having put FUN back into my life. I will be recommending you to all of my friends.

Vicki May
It was important for me to look my best on my wedding day and although everyone thinks the dress is the number one priority to get right, I was also aware that my smile had to be perfect too, I have used Dr Grant previously and have always been extremely impressed, so he was my obvious first choice for teeth whitening and he didn’t disappoint!  My teeth are now amazing and I receive many comments about them and am constantly amazed at the transformation and confidence having them done has brought me too!

Julie Lyle
When someone mentioned to me that I had adopted a closed lipped smile, I knew that it was time that I sorted out my front chipped tooth.  I found Dr Grant’s website and its clean, patter-free layout gave me confidence to book an appointment. I was tempted by other dentists who give free initial advice but I really I knew that I had to pay for good advice (I am a consultant myself) where there was no pressure to sell a product or service – just good advice. The recommended work was a little more interference than I anticipated and, seeing my hesitation, Dr Grant listened and prescribed a solution that suited perfectly.  I have never had a dentist who listens, doesn’t interrupt and lets me say what I need to tell him – now I have. I felt under no pressure – Dr Grant just wanted me to be happy – and I am. Beccy and Amanda have always a smile and a twinkle in their eye, with a personal question or comment that shows that they remember you and make me feel part of this small team. Not many people know I have 2 crowns and tooth whitening done (which is good in itself – it looks natural – right?) but a lot of people have told me that I’m looking great.  I thank them and smile and say a quiet thank you to the Whyte House dental practice.

Lady Lucy Fulford
I have seen Dr Grant on many many occasions. Whether it has been for a standard check up, serious crown work or a nasty tooth extraction Dr Grant has always made me feel in safe hands.  He has a wonderful caring manner and is incredibly professional and it is obvious that Dr Grant not only loves his work but he is 100% committed to his patients.

James Scaysbrook
I am very relieved I found Dr Grant, he is on a different level to other dentists I have seen in the past and nothing was a problem. He was of such a consistent high standard I recommend him to everyone I meet. There is no stone left unturned in the clinic from staff to the waiting area. I actually now enjoy going to dentist knowing I’m in such good hands.

Jan Gould
I first met Dr Grant one Saturday morning – I was frantic! my crown had broken and a friend called his mobile and within half an hour he opened up his surgery and fixed my tooth.  Naturally I was a nervous wreck and like many people would do almost anything to avoid the dentists chair! But this was an emergency and I had to open up my shop that day! I can still remember how kind he was how he put me at my ease and what a wonderful sense of humour he had – so it will come as no surprise to you when I tell you that I have been a patient now for three years and have nothing but praise for Dr Grant, Becky and Amanda.  I now have a perfect smile and my fear of the dentist is well almost gone! Thank you one and all. – Mirror Mirror!

Paul Mendrik
Dr Grant and his Team make going to the dentist a pleasurable experience. No more anxiety or worry, he immediately puts you at ease and you feel you’re in safe hands. On top of that the work he did was absolutely brilliant, my teeth haven’t looked better. Although we are soon moving to France, we intend to come back to Dr Grant for our regular dental check-ups!

Grant, Becky and Amanda. Well, what can I say?  There aren’t enough words to express the feelings I have every time I look in the mirror, and, well, smile! Grant, you have the ability to completely put me at ease and make me feel comfortable, and when you say it isn’t going to hurt, it doesn’t!  My smile transformation has been incredible, and the patience and understanding you gave me at a time when quite frankly I was a nervous wreck sitting in your chair, really is a testament to your compassion for anyone suffering from “dental phobia” as I did. It is not an overstatement to say you gave me back my smile, something for which I will be eternally grateful. My thanks to all the team, Becky, who held my hand and offered words of encouragement during each appointment, of which there were many, and Amanda for her warm, reassuring welcome on each visit. You are all stars!

E Thistleton
Dear Grant, Becky and Amanda, Now that I have settled down and stopped being nervous about the state of my teeth, I have begun to realise just what a fantastic job you have done. Lots of secret grimacing in the bathroom mirror to admire your hard work. Thank you very much indeed you are a really great team. You actually made it fun and I am absolutely thrilled with the results

D Douglas
Grant, Becky and Amanda, What a great team at The Whyte House. Thank you all so much for your support, encouragement and patience over the last few months. You have truly transformed my life and given me back my confidence, thank you once again.

P Davies
Dr Grant, You are a star!

B Pertwee
Thank you for your friendly welcome and help.

D Glanville
To Grant and Team, Just want to say ‘Thanks very much’ You’ve given me the confidence to smile again.

E Clee
Dear Dr Grant,Amanda and all at The Whyte House, I appreciate your kindness to me. I also appreciate the excellent dental treatment you are giving me.

M Brett
Thank you for all your care and for the wonderful result.

R Carrington
Thank you for sorting my teeth and smile out. My mouth is comfortable and pain free. A fine job. I have waited too many years to achieve a lovely smile and now I have it for the rest of my life. Brilliant!

Cameron Starling
My father had previously used Grant for some dental work and recommended that I give him a try. I had a course of treatments to make my teeth whiter, and the result has been fantastic. From start to finish the service was great. The Whyte House Clinic is a credit to the dental profession.

Mark Starling
When I recently had trouble with a filling I decided to go and see Grant, as I’d heard through a friend that he not only was a good dentist, but also took the time and trouble to make your teeth look good as well. I have been extremely impressed with his care and attention to detail – I was not disappointed with the end result.

Diana Coward
As a young girl I was prescribed antibiotics which severely discoloured my teeth. The older I got the more self-conscious I felt and the pressure for that Hollywood smile became even greater for me. My teeth were the bane of my life, and it wasn’t the sort of problem that could be fixed with Zoom whitening, they were literally the stand out feature of my face which I was convinced that people were staring at my teeth, so I very rarely smiled without my hand covering my mouth. So desperate was I to sort them out, but fear and spiraling costs were against me, so was put on hold. At the end of 2010, my daughter announced to me she wanted to get married in Sept 2011, so I decided from that moment that now was the time for that perfect smile in time for her big day. As luck would have it, my daughter had entered a competition at a wedding fair and won a free consultation and a tooth whitening home kit with Dr Grant. I first met Dr Grant while accompanying my daughter at her appointment, and was so impressed by his non persuasive attitude about Cosmetic Dentistry, that I felt so confident that he was the one person that would be able to give me that perfect Hollywood smile, so decided to go ahead with his treatment plan of 27 crown veneers. Although extensive and painful,he explained that my teeth would be subjected to extreme trauma as they were to be filed down, but was not put off by the idea. From the start of my plan to the end, I felt totally at ease and he always kept on reassuring me of what he was going to do and how. Dr Grant is a true professional dedicated to his work as a dentist, and so passionate about what he does and for his patients. The one to one care I received from Dr Grant and his team is only to be commended; he is without doubt a true perfectionist of the highest order, who like me only wants to achieve that perfect smile, which he has given me. I feel meeting Dr Grant and what he has done for me, has totally transformed my life, and I feel so confident and so proud I constantly look at my teeth in the mirror and can’t help but smile, and the compliments I get from total strangers who tell me how amazing my smile is, is so overwhelming and I have only Dr Grant to thank for that. I feel it is the best investment I’ve ever made, and now I’ve definitely got something to smile about.

Jenny Walker
The Inman Experience. After seeing yet another orthodontist and being told that to have my front teeth straightened not only could it take up to 2 years to get the result I would like, I would also have to have teeth removed to achieve this-again huge disappointment.  All I wanted were for my bottom four teeth straight. Could I really face going through all that? Is there not a simpler solution? So……..introducing Dr Grant. On a general appointment with Dr Grant I mentioned about my bottom teeth and gave him the history of how I’d seen many different dentists and orthodontists who all gave me the same radical explanation.  How refreshing to get good news from Dr Grant – he explained that a Speed Brace was now available called “Inman” and for what I wanted, this was definitely the solution for me. It was cheaper than a fixed brace, looked better and worked faster. What’s the catch I’m thinking? Not knowing or ever hearing of The Inman Brace, Dr Grant explained very thoroughly the procedure and I also looked up case studies on the internet .  Definitely too good to be true I was thinking. Well, in February I went for my fitting and was very unsure about doing this on a weekday when I had to go back to work. I speak to people face to face and do a lot of telephone work and therefore, I was concerned about my speech being impaired and how I would cope.? Fear not, after about an hour of wearing it, although not perfect, it was all ok. I wore the brace all the time apart from eating and saw Dr Grant on a weekly basis. Sometimes some adjustments had to be made to keep the pressure on the teeth but this was all so pain free. After about six weeks I could start to see a difference. After only 12 weeks my teeth were perfectly aligned. Too good to be true? Yes I still can’t believe it either. I look in the mirror and my bottom four front teeth are straight. This is marvellous news for anybody else who in the past, would have been deterred from ever considering having their teeth straightened. It’s not suitable for everybody so a thorough consultation with Dr Grant will tell you if you are a suitable candidate, but the good news for me was that I was. I will more than gladly recommend Dr Grant and his team, who were all as eager as me to see a fabulous result and that is exactly what I got.

David Acres
Dr Grant reduced and finally banished my fear of going to the dentist. In my youth I was in mortal fear of attending a dentist due to several bad experiences and also severe pain during treatments. This resulted in me not attending at a dentist’s surgery for nigh on 15 years. I came across Dr Grant initially through other business connections and because he was such an easy going and open man I decided to visit his surgery for a consultation. Since that day 3 years ago I have never looked back. He and his wonderful staff put me at my ease and banished my fears and concerns completely. I now look forward to my visits and have no fear or worry about the outcome of my appointments. I have had major work done to my teeth with 12 crowns added. My only stipulation was that I didn’t want a smile that would remind all my work colleagues of Simon Cowell. Dr Grant was true to his word and I am now able to smile and laugh with total confidence.

Mrs Mole Hogan
I have recently had work undertaken on my teeth to straighten them. The work was carried out by Grant McAree to a very high standard, with care and consideration throughout the process. In total it took 7 months and the result is fantastic. Straight teeth has not only improved the visual effect, but also ease of oral care for the future. I would highly recommend other patients undertake the procedure with Grant.

Teeth Straightening Treatment, Exeter

Steve Smith
Having had a lifelong fear of all dentists, and having only been once in 12 years-i was petrified and anxious about the prospect of the amount of work needed. i wanted to smile again with confidence- I was recommended to try DR Grant. Hey Grant-that wasn’t so bad -impressive-you are skilled Grant and allayed my worries – i was even petrified of needles before i had your treatment- steady hand and i didn’t feel it-phew-good banter, great music and a happy team (thanks Becky, Sam and Amanda)- best of all, the work is top draw-i can smile again, with confidence- amazed that i can’t see where the fillings are!! It didn’t hurt and I’m coming back for the rest of the work that needs doing-without the fear and sleepless nights

A Jennings
Grant offers treatments other dentists don’t and always listens first. So I’ve ended up with the best options for me, not simply what the dentist happens to offer or wants patients to go for. I wanted my teeth whitened but was scared they’d end up looking too white. Shouldn’t have worried, though – an hour treatment at the surgery, which also whitened the insides of my teeth (didn’t know you could do that), then I used the trays at home 3 times to get the perfect result for me. And I can use the trays to top-up whenever I like. Then, I decided I wanted my bottom teeth straightened too! I hadn’t even heard of the Speed Brace until Grant told me about it. I only had to wear it for 12 weeks! It’s truly amazing how quickly it works – you can see your teeth moving every week. At last, a dentist you can believe in!

Shirley-Anne Fison
When my children left home I thought it was time I could do something for me.  I had always had crooked discoloured front teeth and had felt very self conscious.  I came to Dr Grant and had an amazing Consultation, amazing Treatments with an amazing Result. I have recommended a number of my family and friends to him and they have all been delighted too.

Mr Mark Wilcox
Grant has been our family dentist for my myself, my wife and three children since 2000. His professionalism, creative flair, sincerity, confidence, reassuring manner and equally important pain free treatment, speaks volumes for his continuous appetite for wanting to be the best in the Dental Industry. Grant continuously seeks to keep ahead with new technology and ideas with the soul objective to ensure his patients receive the very best treatment available. He has catered for all our dental needs, from general dental maintenance to replacing my six front top teeth with crowns all at once! It was an amazing result from an amazing person, thank you.

Wendy Booth
I have had facial injectable treatments from Dr Grant for the last 3 years and am extremely pleased with the results.he listened to my requests and expectations giving advice when required thus building up my trust in him

Alan Wills
Dr Grant undertook an extensive amount of work turning my aged disorganised set of teeth and smile into something to be proud of. Most importantly he created such a natural look and his level of competence superb. He was as interested in my teeth as I was and would never accept second best. On one occasion he refused to accept a crown from a supplier and insisted it be replaced, even though I had not detected the problem. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Grant for any dentistry.

Peter Wells
Dr Grant has cared for my teeth for a number of years and always offers superb advice and gentle pain free treatment. I have recently had my four front teeth crowned due to discolouring and a bad very old false one. Grant took considerable time and effort to guide me through the process. The results are first class. The after care has been great. I have recommended several friends, all have been delighted with his skills. Lovely staff too. Thanks DR Grant.

Dr. Neera White
My smile was good but I had always been aware of my crooked lower teeth. Dr.Grant gave me good advice,with plenty of time to consider my options. I had some gum disease and he helped me clear this up entirely before proceeding to treatment with the invisalign brace. I am now told I have a ‘cracking’ smile (top and bottom teeth!). Dr.Grant and his staff were kind and professional throughout and put me at ease (even with my dental phobia!).They were so great I have moved my whole family to the Whyte House dental practice!

Bron Carson
I am delighted with the dental work done by Dr Grant McAree. He was very professional in his approach and manner. I felt I was getting a first class service both allowing for the actual dental work and the confidence building around such treatment. So I have no hesitation in writing this testimonial with complete customer satisfaction and my gratitude for an excellent job done.

Jean Campbell
It was a long journey to Devon but after my first appointment I realised my neighbour was right, it was the perfect service. What a trip it turned out to be. It was a relaxing experience and I now have a cracking smile I am so proud of. Thank you so much to the team at Dr Grants, you have changed my life and I will always be grateful.

Testimonials for Smile Makeover