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Dental Problems

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DENTAL PROBLEMS – Why do my teeth hurt when I wake up in the morning?

If you constantly wake up tired or with aching jaws after a seemingly good night’s sleep, you may be grinding your teeth in the night. This can wear away your precious enamel, leaving you more prone to decay, sensitivity and broken teeth. By addressing the cause – usually stress or your body simply trying to get rid of an obstruction, such as a high filling or ill-fitting crown – and possibly having a special night mouth guard fitted, things should quickly improve.

Why are my teeth getting crooked as I get older? 

As we age, our teeth tend to drift forward, becoming more crowded and crooked, especially women’s lower front teeth. This is simply down to the jawbone losing density over time and changing shape, which encourages the teeth to crowd towards the front of the mouth.

http://www.teeth-straightening.co.uk for possible options to correct adult crooked teeth.

What causes teeth to discolour?

Our teeth will typically discolour over time, either due to the natural ageing process or to repeated exposure to staining from things like tea, coffee, red wine, cola and tobacco. With age, enamel becomes thinner, resulting in tiny cracks which leave teeth more prone to stains. You can keep light staining at bay by switching to an electric brush, flossing daily, avoiding highly pigmented drinks and regularly going for a scale & polish. Charlotte our gentle hygienist below

Dental Problems

What causes chronic bad breath?

If smelly foods or smoking aren’t to blame, constant bad breath may be a sign of an underlying oral problem, like gum disease or, in rare cases, mouth cancer or a wider health issue. If improving your diet and oral hygiene routine – including brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and flossing once a day – don’t do the trick, come in and see us. We’re here to help!


What does tooth sensitivity mean?

If your teeth twinge when you eat or drink hot, cold or sweet things, it may simply be that you’re naturally more prone but it could also be due to the following: brushing your teeth too hard, receding gums, acid wear or another dental problem. Switching to a sensitive toothpaste will invariably do the trick but if sensitivity persists, it’s worth visiting your dentist to get it checked out. So dental problems are very common!