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What are silver fillings made of?
Amalgam fillings – also often called silver, black or metal fillings – are made of a mixture (an amalgam) of mercury along with various other metals. They have been used to fill cavities for over 150 years and extensive research has shown them to be safe.
Should old amalgam fillings be replaced?
It is only necessary to replace metal fillings if they have fallen out, failed or are causing pain or other issues, not for purely cosmetic reasons. Similarly, there is no need to replace them over concerns about their mercury content – the British Dental Association has stated that there is no need to remove “clinically satisfactory” amalgam fillings unless a patient is allergic to amalgam constituents.
Can I get my fillings changed to white?
Yes, but only if a black filling has fallen out or otherwise failed, causing pain or other dental-related issues. In such instances, the first option will indeed invariably be to replace it with a cosmetic white filling, although a tooth-coloured porcelain inlay or cosmetic crown may be required, depending on the size or nature of the restoration. The adding of the white filling can go hand in hand with aligning the teeth to ensure a more pleasing cosmetic outcome.


Exeter Dentists

How can you tell if a filling is bad?
Signs that a filling may need to be replaced include the following: 1) Pain when drinking hot or cold drinks, when eating or when breathing in very cold air; 2) Pain when brushing or flossing your teeth; 3) Pain in neighbouring teeth; 4) Tenderness in the gums surrounding the filled tooth; 5) Pain when clenching your teeth.
Is it safe to have amalgam fillings removed?
Yes, provided that strict clinical protocols are followed to ensure patient safety at all times. However, if you are pregnant or still breastfeeding, as with any other dental treatment or procedure and unless otherwise instructed by a medical professional (Exeter Dentists), the best advice is to wait until after you have finished breastfeeding to have any of your old metal fillings taken out.
How much does it cost to replace mercury fillings?
It all depends on case complexity as well as what the old silver filling is replaced with. Prices for a cosmetic white filling are from £95, for a colour-matched porcelain inlay from £400 and for a cosmetic crown from £650.