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What happens if you don’t replace a missing tooth?

Exeter Dental Implants – If you don’t replace a missing tooth, it can have a negative impact on your jaw, gums as well as other teeth. Once a tooth is removed, the bone that once held it will eventually start to shrink, causing the jaw bone to deteriorate and increasing the risk not only of tooth decay in the surrounding teeth but also gum disease in the area of the missing tooth. Depending on the tooth, you may also have difficulty eating or speaking and the way your face looks may change.


Can I get an Exeter Dental Implant years later?

Yes, as long as you have sufficient bone density (implants need to be placed into healthy bone) and are otherwise healthy. Even if you’ve been missing a tooth for 5 or 10 years, you may still be a candidate for implants. When a tooth is missing, the root no longer stimulates the bone beneath, eventually causing the bone to shrink. But even if there is substantial bone loss, a bone graft could help to restore it and allow the procedure to go ahead.

Exeter Dental Implant


How soon after tooth extraction can you have an Exeter dental implant?

It is sometimes possible to place dental implants on the day of extraction but they’re typically placed 3-6 months after extraction. However, in the case of All on 4™, the implants can usually be placed on the same day, as only 4 implants are required to support a complete bridge of replacement teeth.



Do Exeter dental implants prevent bone loss?

In short, yes, exeter dental implants can indeed help to prevent bone loss. When you lose even one tooth, the jawbone where the tooth root once was will eventually begin to shrink due to disuse in a process called bone resorption. However, because implants are integrated into the jawbone, the pressure of chewing triggers new bone to grow, thereby helping to reduce – even prevent – this bone loss from occurring in the first place.