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Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening

What are my choices when considering Teeth Whitening? 

There are various Teeth Whitening systems available, each offering slightly different results, with a range of prices that reflect this. Some are carried out by the dentist, others by you at home. But you get what you pay for!

Teeth Whitening

Any examples?

The Zoom system is carried out in the dental chair while the ‘tray’ or ‘overnight’ system is used at home. With Zoom, both the inside and outside of the teeth are whitened. A special gel is applied and then controlled UV light is directed at the teeth, speeding up the whitening process. You get immediate results, as the treatment takes less than an hour. It’s frequently used on Extreme Makeover shows. With the ‘tray’ system, customised trays are made. At home, you simply put the special gel in the trays and wear them overnight for about 10 nights. This system is usually cheaper than Zoom, however it does take longer, as the special gel isn’t as strong as that used with Zoom. You can go for the 2 systems in conjunction, for even better results: Zoom first and then the trays for 3-4 nights. The trays can also be used to ‘top up’, with no need to return to the dentist.Teeth Whitening

Will it hurt?

Both systems are minimally invasive. You may get some sensitivity after treatment, with both the Zoom and ‘tray’ systems, but this will generally go within 24 hours. Visit our web site to show you many happy patients we have treated. https://thewhytehouse.com/testimonials/

Will Teeth Whitening damage my teeth?

No. There has been extensive research which suggests that, microscopically, there is no damage to the tooth surface if carried out properly by a dentist. See link below. https://www.smilebrilliant.com/articles/does-teeth-whitening-damage-the-enamel

Will I look like Simon Cowell?

It’s very difficult to go that white, as his teeth are veneers! Teeth WhiteningWhitened natural teeth still have the characteristics that keep them from looking ‘false’. However, the level of whitening still needs to be controlled, as some complexions suit a very white tooth while others don’t.

How much does Teeth Whitening cost?

Prices range from £100-£600, starting at around £450 for Zoom and £300 for the ‘tray’ system.

What’s your final advice?

Remember: results can be as varied as the cost. Go for trust over cost! Always ask your dentist before making up your mind, as some tooth abnormalities can look worse after teeth whitening. And why ask your    dentist? Well, you wouldn’t visit a vet to get your feet done!

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