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Adult Braces Exeter

Adult Braces Exeter


What type of adult braces Exeter are available?

Adult Braces Exeter : More and more adults are opting for the latest removable braces now that traditional metal ‘train- tracks’ are no longer the only option. Ones like Invisalign® ‘invisible braces’ and clear aligners are like clear gumshields, so most people won’t even realise you’re wearing them and you can take them out for eating, teeth-cleaning and special occasions.

How long do adults wear braces?

In a nutshell: less time than you’d think! Many treatments take months not years, with results often being seen after 4 to 6 weeks. When straightening just 1-2 teeth or the front 4 teeth only, treatment will typically take 6-16 weeks; straightening whole arches will, of course, typically take longer, with Invisalign® averaging 28+ weeks. Train tracks traditionally take longer as the result is more ideal. More teeth are being moved and to more of an ideal position so hence the difference in treatment times.

What are the options for straightening teeth?

We offer 3 main systems suitable for adults: 1) Invisalign® ‘invisible braces’ and clear aligners, like removable transparent mouth guards, to straighten anything from 1-2 teeth to whole arches;2) Inman™ removable ‘speed brace’, to straighten the 4 front teeth; 3) Tooth-coloured fixed ceramic braces, to straighten whole arches. http://www.teeth-straightening.co.uk

Can you get braces on front teeth only? Can you straighten 1 tooth?

Yes! Many patients don’t want to straighten whole arches, ie all their top and/or bottom teeth, so we offer removable braces to straighten just 1-2 teeth only or just the 4 front upper or lower teeth. No ‘train-tracks’ involved.

Are you ever too old for braces?

Absolutely not. Straightening isn’t just for the young! It’s never too late to get the smile you’ve always wanted – we have patients in their 60s and beyond. Many adults are worried metal ‘train tracks’ are their only option, which is no longer true. New removable braces – like Invisalign®, clear aligners and Inman™ – are transparent and most people won’t even know you have a brace.

How long does it take to see results with adult braces in Exeter?

Months, rather than years, even weeks in some cases. Treatment times obviously depend on the number of teeth being straightened and the complexity of the case, but revolutionary removable braces – custom-made to fit your teeth – use the latest technology to achieve results in the most efficient time possible. This technology can also be used to calculate treatment times in fixed train track braces as well. See some before and after photographs. real patients, real results. https://thewhytehouse.com/gallery/

Adult Braces Exeter

Is it okay to have  adult braces in Exeter again?

Yes, you can have braces more than once. In fact, many adults we treat wore braces when they were younger but their teeth moved back through not wearing a retainer after treatment. An assessment is required to make sure you are suitable for the adult braces in Exeter.