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All on 4 dental implants

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All On 4 dental implants : WHAT’S THE STORY?

All on 4 dental implants: Can dentures be fixed in place?

Yes, all on 4 dental implants, the great news is that there’s now a fantastic new option which allows a denture to be permanently fixed in place, using dental implants. A specially designed denture can be attached to the implants, meaning it will not – and cannot – slip or move. Book an appointment

What is a fixed denture All On 4 dental implants?

It’s a denture specifically made to attach 4 dental implants which hold it permanently in place. No more loose dentures which move when you talk, eat or smile. And no more messy, annoying denture fixative either!

How many implants are needed for a lower or upper denture?

Each case is different, but you’ll typically need 4 implants for a lower denture or 4 implants for an upper denture. Implants are like tiny titanium screws fitted into the jaw which then fuse with the bone, giving the denture something fixed to hold on to, anchoring it down.

Are all on 4 dental implants removable?

No, that’s the great news: it’s more like having your teeth back, as you don’t need to take your denture out at night. And because it’s permanently fixed to the tiny dental implants in the jaw, you’ll never be without your teeth again: you sleep in your denture and never have to remove it for cleaning or for, say, a hospital visit.

Can you sleep with dental implants?

Yes. Unlike traditional dentures which must be removed at night, you can sleep with an implant-retained denture because it’s permanently fixed in place, attached to the dental implants.

How do you clean all on 4 dental implants?

First up, you clean your implant denture in your mouth; there’s no need to remove it or soak it in a glass. To take care of your denture and your gums: 1) Use a denture cream and a soft toothbrush to avoid creating microscopic scratches on your denture where bacteria and fungi could grow; 2) Use a water flosser – under the direction of your dentist – to clean around your gums.

Why is it so important to clean your mouth even if you have no teeth left?

Even if you have no top or bottom natural teeth, it’s just as important to clean your denture and mouth to avoid build-up of plaque and bacteria which could cause bad breath and, more worryingly, potentially damage your gums. You can still get gum disease even if you have no natural teeth! Meet the surgeon

All on 4 dental implants

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