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Adult braces

Adult Braces


Which is better when we talk about adult braces – metal or ceramic braces?

Both fixed metal adult braces and ceramic braces work in the same way, applying constant pressure to teeth, meaning they can achieve very similar results. Which one is ‘better’ largely depends on what your personal priority is: aesthetic appearance, durability or cost? Ceramic braces are less visible but more prone to chipping or cracking if not properly cared for while metal
braces typically cost less.

Adult Braces

Are ceramic braces as good as metal?
Ceramic braces use similar technology to traditional metal ‘train tracks’ but are less visible as the wires are white or tooth-coloured and the brackets are clear rather than metal. Although not as ‘invisible’ as Invisalign® or clear aligners, which each straighten teeth using braces like removable clear mouth guards, they are less visible than metal ‘train tracks’.

Can you just get braces on your front teeth?
Yes. ClearSmile ceramic braces focus mainly on straightening the front 10 teeth using traditional techniques combined with new technology to apply gentler forces to increase comfort whilst also reducing treatment times and improving the appearance of the braces.

Do adult braces ruin enamel?
No, the braces themselves do not damage the enamel. However, having fixed braces means it’s vital you maintain an excellent oral hygiene routine to avoid plaque building up around the brackets and wires which could result in tooth decay or even gum disease. You also need to be aware of what can cause acid erosion of the enamel.

Are ceramic braces painful?
Patients with newly fitted braces often experience some initial tenderness or soreness from the tightness of the wires or the chafing of the wires inside the mouth but this will typically pass after a couple of weeks, if not a few days. Check out what other patients are saying about them. Testimonials

How long does it take to straighten teeth?
Less time than you might perhaps think for fixed braces, as ClearSmile’s system uses gentler forces to reduce treatment times to little as 26 weeks in some cases, although this can rise to 12- 18 months if extractions are needed. If you want more info http://www.teeth-straightening.co.uk