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All on 4 : What are the alternatives to dentures? If you’re struggling with only a few teeth – or no teeth at all – to avoid having a denture, All on 4™ could be the answer. All on 4™ is a revolutionary new system which enables an entire set of missing top or bottom teeth to be replaced in one go, in one day. Book a free consultation

Same-day replacement teeth sounds too good to be true?
We know! But it really is possible to arrive at the surgery with no upper and/or lower teeth and to leave with a full set of replacement teeth the same day.

What is All on 4 implants?
As the All on 4™ name suggests, it refers to “All” teeth being replaced with a full-arch bridge supported by just “4” dental implants. In a nutshell, All-on-4™ means fewer implants, less invasive treatment, no bone grafting, faster recovery, same-day teeth.

How many implants does it take to replace all your teeth?
With the All-on-4™ system, we don’t need to replace each individual tooth with a dental implant. Instead, we can use just 4 implants whose unique, innovative configuration and angling means they can support a complete upper or lower arch of teeth immediately.

Can you implant all your teeth?
You can replace all your upper or lower teeth in one go but the great news is that you don’t actually need to have a dental implant for each individual tooth because, with the All-on-4™ system, the replacement arch of teeth is supported by just 4 implants.

What is the All on 4 procedure?
Treatment typically involves 3 stages: 1) Diagnosis: X-rays, sometimes also a CT scan, to determine how much bone you have and to plan treatment; 2) Surgery: Implants are placed in the upper and/or lower jaw and then the temporary teeth are fitted, all on the same day; 3) Final fitting: The permanent teeth, made to your specification, are fitted.

All on 4

How long do All on 4 dental implants last?
Implants should last 15-25+ years but can last up to a lifetime if looked after correctly. Like crowns, the permanent arch of teeth may show signs of wear after 3 to 5 years, but this can be replaced with no need for further surgery or new implants.

How much do the All on 4™ dental implants cost?
Prices start at £19000, the typical price of around 7 crowned single-tooth implants, but can rise to around £29000 for more complex cases requiring zygomatic implants if there is insufficient bone. Price List All on 4