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Botox Injections

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Botox Injections : What’s the Story?

Botox injections is short for ‘botulinum toxin’ and is a purified form of the toxin, albeit only used in very small quantities. This is probably what scares people along with pictures of celebrities with frozen expressions and the ‘wind tunnel’ look. Although best known for treating facial lines and wrinkles, it can also be used to reduce excessive perspiration (hyperhydrosis) of the underarms, hands and feet.

Botox injections

Is it safe?

Botox injections is a prescription medicine, which is why you don’t see it in adverts; only terms like ‘anti-wrinkle injections’. The truth is, it’s a safe treatment in the hands of a trained professional with evidence of clinical success. Injecting with skill and precision is the key to a safe, natural-looking result, which itself comes from an intimate understanding of the intricate balance of facial muscle movement. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/cosmetic-treatments/botulinum-toxin-botox-injections/

How does it work?

The lines that appear when you raise your eyebrows, smile or frown, are caused by underlying muscles contracting and squeezing the skin like a concertina. These injections stop this by blocking the nerve impulses to the muscles. Lines are temporarily smoothed, while un-injected muscles remain unaffected.

Where does it work best?Botox injections

Horizontal forehead lines, frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s feet around the eyes and fine lines around the lips. It is frequently used in conjunction with dermal filler to soften frown lines or fine smoker’s lines around the mouth.

What happens?

Tiny injections are made with a very fine needle into the muscles causing wrinkles, which results in a temporary relaxation of the facial muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles and softening existing lines. It may prick a little but isn’t painful and cream can be applied to numb the area first. The entire procedure usually takes no longer than 10 minutes.

Will it look natural?

The true skill of anti-wrinkle injections is strategic placement in particular muscles, so facial expression isn’t completely ‘frozen’. Adopting a ‘less is more’ and age-appropriate approach, retaining a small amount of movement, can produce a refreshed, natural-looking result.

What about results?

You are likely to see wrinkles softened in 3-5 days although full effects usually take up to 10 days. The effects typically last 3-6 months but can last for as long as 12 months.

Any downsides?

As long as you go to a qualified practitioner, side effects, including allergic reactions, are thankfully rare. Most patients have only mild and temporary discomfort afterwards. There may be spot bruising or inflammation around the injection site.

Any final thoughts?

It’s absolutely necessary to have a full consultation to establish what you want. Many wrinkles are simply the result of the loss of elasticity that naturally happens with age or, less naturally, with smoking and sun exposure. Case selection is therefore paramount to ensure optimum results.

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