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Inman Aligner: What’s the Story?

Inman Aligner. There’s no simpler way to boost your looks than to smile. A great smile makes you look and feel healthier and happier and can take the edge off awkward or stressful moments. It’s easy, and it not only benefits us, it also makes others feel at ease. It all sounds so easy, and it should be, but sadly I meet many people who just don’t feel able to smile. They may have spent years trying to hide crowded, crooked or protruding teeth, shielding them with their hands or offering a sad, closed-mouth smile when they really want to laugh out loud with joy. And it’s not just a question of aesthetics. Crooked and crowded teeth can affect the way we eat and even the way we talk.Inman Aligner

Straight teeth are easier to keep clean, meaning healthier gums, less decay – and best of all, less tooth loss. Until recently the only way to achieve straight teeth and a healthy smile was using fixed ’train track’ braces. But there are alternatives. One of the most effective is the innovative inman™ speed Brace.

Inman Aligner

The brace uses gentle but constant pressure to simply push in top and bottom front teeth that are sticking out and push out those that are set back. You do need to wear the brace at all times (apart from when you’re eating), and typically the effects can be seen from six to 16 weeks.

However, in many cases the results can be rapid: Inman has often helped put the first real smile on people’s faces in just two weeks! An Inman-certified dentist can asses whether the speed brace is right for you. You should expect a full examination after which they will tell you how long the treatment should take, and can even show you a model of how your teeth will look when the work is completed. We have hundreds of patients thrilled by the results achieved with the Inman Aligner. https://thewhytehouse.com/testimonials/Inman AlignerYou will also be given an indication of cost; the Inman™ Speed Brace is generally less expensive than traditional or invisible braces. However, this really does depend on the scale and complexity of each case. Before you start treatment, get confirmation of the cost in writing. More importantly, make sure you feel comfortable about the work – and don’t worry about asking too many questions; you need to trust your dentist and feel you are in experienced hands.

The Whyte House has launched its latest website http://www.devonteethstraightening.co.ukwhere there is more information about Inman™ Speed Brace and other innovative teeth-straightening treatments. You will also find contact details for booking a teeth-straightening consultation with Dr Grant, plus information on the complete range of cosmetic and general dentistry services available at the Whyte House.Inman Aligner

The link  gives information about The Inman Aligner. https://www.inmanaligner.com/

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