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Dental Fear

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What causes Dental Fear?

Dental Fear or fear of the dentist can stem from any number of things but, typically, bad childhood experiences, worries it will hurt or simply assuming the worst if it’s a long time since you last came in. Because many of us often only go to the dentist when we have a problem, it’s easy to associate it with pain or something bad.


Should I be scared of the dentist?

In a nutshell, no. If fear of pain is your concern, the great news is that most treatments can now be done completely pain-free, involving only minor discomfort at most. If you haven’t come in for a while, you’ll probably be amazed by how things have changed. Injections don’t have to hurt and you no longer have to suffer in silence!


How can I calm my nerves before going to the dentist?

Finding a dentist you can trust, who listens and is gentle and caring is key, so ask friends and family for recommendations or check out online patient reviews. Choosing a low-stress appointment time when you won’t feel rushed or under pressure can also make a big difference as can listening to music before and during the appointment while focusing on slow, regular breathing.


How do you stop Dental Fear?

Lots of things can help you feel more calm if sedation isn’t an option. First up, please let us know if you’re feeling anxious; sharing your fears allows us to reassure you and do things in a way – and at a pace – that’s right for you. It’s also about feeling in control: knowing you can raise your hand or sit up whenever you like, usually makes the fear go away. We’re also trained in medical & dental hypnosis techniques. https://thewhytehouse.com/solutions-for-dental-anxiety-exeter/


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Can you fix really bad teeth?

Yes. If that’s what’s been stopping you coming to see us, know this: from a single tooth to all of your teeth, there are so many options: they can be restored, repaired, straightened or whitened using tooth-coloured fillings, veneers, removable clear or fixed braces, internal or external whitening; and missing teeth can be replaced with a single implant or just 4 implants for a full-arch of replacement teeth with All on 4™. http://www.exeterdentalimplants.co.uk