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Inman Aligner Brace

Inman Aligner Brace


How long do Inman Aligner Brace take?
As the Inman Aligner Brace is specifically designed to straighten the front four teeth only, treatment times are surprisingly quick, averaging around 6 to 13 weeks, although the majority of cases complete within just 8 weeks. However, the length of treatment will vary depending on the complexity of your case and on how well you stick to wearing the brace for the required number of hours each day.

Can you drink with Inman Aligner?
Yes, but only plain water whilst still wearing your Inman Aligner Brace. One of the major benefits of Inman is that it’s removable, meaning you can drink anything you like as normal once you’ve taken it out. You should always remove it to drink any hot or cold drinks, as otherwise they could stain, damage or warp your brace, potentially delaying treatment and incurring additional cost.

Inman Aligner Brace


How long should I wear my Inman Aligner Brace each day?
Ideally, you should wear your Inman Aligner for around 20 hours each day, only removing it for eating, drinking or to clean your teeth. You can also remove it for photos or special occasions but only if that’s for a few hours. If you don’t stick to wearing it as directed by your dentist, you risk your treatment taking longer… and undoing all your good work.

Does the Inman Aligner Brace hurt?
Not usually, you’re more likely to experience mild discomfort rather than actual pain, which can be treated with painkillers like you might take for a headache. As with other straightening systems, some patients experience discomfort, especially when first wearing the brace, but this typically goes away within a matter of days. And don’t forget that any discomfort is actually a good sign, as it means your teeth are moving into their new position!

How much does an Inman Aligner cost?
Prices for the Inman Aligner start at £1500 for one arch plus the initial straightening consultation to assess your suitability and to advise on any alternative treatment options. Once treatment starts, our price includes all further consultations and course corrections.