Stay Safe – Facial Cosmetics Open Day! September 11th 3.30 to 7.00 PM

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Stay Safe – Facial Cosmetics Open Day! September 11th 3.30 to 7.00 PM

Stay Safe – Facial Cosmetics OPEN EVENING September 11th 3.30 pm – 7.00 pm

 The Whyte House Cosmetic Clinic. 89 Fore Street Topsham EX3 0HQ

Hosted by Charlotte Thompson. Aesthetics Practitioner.

Learn about “Safe facial Cosmetics” in a sterile clean environment!

≈Reserve my space now!≈

Clean Between Teeth

Live demonstrations and up to £100 discounts on treatments booked on the night. That could mean £175 for lip augmentation, filling chin dimples, anti wrinkle injections, crows feet/frown line reductions, cheek implants. 

Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?

Can I just look fresher, rather than different?

Where shall I go to get treatment that will be delivered safely and with appropriately trained clinicians?

What is available for me?

What treatment will work on the issues I have?

Will I end up with a trout pout?

Will I look like Lesley Ash?

Will it hurt?

Will I get a reaction from the treatment?

I see so many warnings about the treatment, how do I know the clinicians are appropriately qualified?

I just don’t know enough about this, I would really appreciate more information so I can make an informed decision! I would really like to see a demonstration that covers different treatments.  

You are in safe hands. This evening could be for you!

Charlotte has been practising facial aesthetics, in particular, lip fillers and anti wrinkle injections using Botulinum Injections for many years. Charlotte started her training as a facial aesthetics practitioner with Medics Direct in Harley Street, London.  Since qualifying in toxin injections and dermal fillers, she has gone on to do various lip filler masterclasses and her advanced toxin and filler training.  She is fully indemnified by Cosmetic Insure and is also a General Dental Council Registered Dental Hygienist (GDC 5716) so is fully trained in dental anaesthetics, cross infection control and medical emergencies. (So all procedures can be pain free with the use of dental local anesthetics if you prefer.)

Other Examples of the beautiful work that can be achieved when you visit The Whyte House Dental and Facial Cosmetic Clinic. 

Beautifully sculpted lips. No trout pout. Just shape and form –  £175 if booked on the night

Reduce those “Crows Feet” Lines around the eyes that can make you look tired and aging. All areas – £230 if booked on the night.

Lines from nose to corners of the mouth. Puppet lines –  £175 if booked on the night

We hope to see you on the evening. The demonstrations will be fantastic. Places are severely restricted so book in as soon as possible. We ask for a fully refundable deposit £10. This will be returned to you on arrival to ensure your attendance as the evening is in great demand. Phone us to reserve your place or fill out the form below. Please note: All patients are given a thorough assessment before treatment. The treatments above may not be suitable for you. We will be providing these assessments free of charge. We only deliver safe treatments in a safe environment by appropriately trained clinicians. 

Dr Grant McAree BDS BSc (Hons)

or phone +441392877494