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Looking after my braces



What should you avoid eating with braces as I am looking after my braces?

Generally, avoid foods that are sticky (toffees, gummy sweets), hard (nuts, crisps, ice), chewy (bread, bagels) or crunchy (popcorn), as well as foods you have to bite into (corn on the cob, whole apples), as these could bend wires, loosen brackets or leave food particles stuck in your braces. Cut up foods like meat and apples into bite-sized pieces. If you have any issues feel free to contact us http://www.teeth-straightening.co.uk


What can you eat after having braces fitted?

As a rule, soft foods are typically gentler on the wires and brackets of fixed braces. For example, soft or non-crunchy fruits such as bananas, grapes and melons, and vegetables such as mashed potatoes and mushrooms, dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese and eggs, and pasta dishes.


Looking After My Braces


Can you eat pizza when you have braces?

Yes, you can eat pizza but it’s best to avoid eating the crust – not only the hard, crisp crust of thin-crust pizzas but also the thick, chewy crust of deep-crust pizzas, as these can take a lot of chewing. Excessive chewing and braces do not go well together!


Can I bite with my front teeth with braces?

In a word, no. You should not take a bite into foods like whole apples, corn on the cob or, say, the end of a bread baguette. You should also not bite your nails, chew the end of your pen or pencil or use your teeth to open packaging or tear sellotape. Cut food into smaller pieces… and reach for the scissors as your cutting tool of choice!


What drinks to avoid with braces?

You should steer clear of sugary drinks and even sugar-free versions, including ones containing artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes, as these can be very acidic which can cause the demineralisation of your tooth enamel, especially around the brackets, which could leave you with white spots on your teeth after the braces are removed.


Can I drink hot drinks with braces?

Drinking hot drinks like tea and coffee won’t damage your braces but they can stain ceramic braces and, more importantly, they can stain your teeth. Plus, if you take sugar, it can encourage plaque build-up which can damage your teeth. Any further information please get in touch. https://thewhytehouse.com